Product Name:Bulletproof & Anti-stab Vest

Bulletproof & Stabproof Clothing

Place of Origin: Shanghai China

Brand Name: LB

Model Number: LBR-FDCY002

Certification: ISO9001 ISO14001


LBR-FDCY002 are new produts, including both bullet-proof and stabproof function.
Bullet-proof and Stabproof level:Level 2

Technical Specification:

1,Bullet-proof and Stabproof level: Level 2(LBR-FDCY002)

2,Bullet-proof: Level GA141-2010,Against 79 types light submachine gun and 51 types 7.62mm pistol lead ball; Stabproof: Against GA68-2008 standard cutting tool in 24J penetration
3,Protect area: ≥0.3 square meter

4, The thickness of protector layer: </= 20mm;
   The weight of protector layer : </=3.5kg

5, Bullet-proof standard: meet GA141-2010 the standard of China Police

6, Stabproof standard: meet GA68-2008 the standard of China Police

7, Water proof standard: meet GA141-2010 the standard of China Police

8, Climatic environment compatibility: meet GA141-2010 the standard of China Police and  GA68-2008

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